I collected the rolex replica sale this last Monday when I returned to the country. I noticed today that the strap doesn't quite match the watch case in colour or quality, but more seriously the strap clasp does not have the "rolex" inscription on it. Although you clearly show it on your last photograph. I am extremely disappointed to say the least and ask you now what you can do to rectify the situation. These are the best photos that I could take. I hope that they show up the problems ok. You can see that the strap of this rolex replica sale looks different even on the photo's though, and of course there is no inscription. For the record as well, the strap is very difficult to open, you can see from the photo that there is no side clasp of the rolex replica sale. To open it, you have to get a strong finger nail in between the two 'fastening' bits and hope that the clasp gives way before your finger nail breaks. Is this really correct? I cannot imagine that the replica watches sale has the same operation. I have looked through your other replica watches sale (LV277's) and see that some have a different (and better) clasp fitted. Please can I ask why hasn't my replica watches sale got this better clasp? Great looking watch but spoiled by the manufacturer at your end cutting corners, and costs! I've had a good look through your website again though and have to say that I bought the only replica rolex sale that I wanted already. And I expected this one to last me as long as the last one. So I don't really know when I could take you up on your offer. I don't tend to wear more than watch at a time. Is there no chance please that you could get me a replacement strap that I could fit, and then send this one back? Or possibly couldn't you offer me a discount on this watch, please? Again, lovely watch, great value, and a great website as well of course. You didn't say if you could give me a discount on the replica rolex sale I've already bought. Please can you reply on that. Also, if I was to choose another watch, how long is your offer open for, (ie, how long can I take to choose another replica rolex sale, and also if I did, how would this work? Would I choose and then order it from you or from the website, and if so, how would the discount work? I assume the discount would be on the delivery charge as well. I assume you cannot give me a discount on the replica rolex sale that I have already bought. You didn't answer that question! Also, please can you say how long the offer is for? I asked this before but you didn't say. If I didn't want to order for a few months, say? And also, very important, you have already offered me 30% (not 20%) discount in your email of 14th February, see below. So I assume that is still the case. For the record, I have broken three nails so far opening this strap. It is not getting easier with time so far!!